Kubernetes at home

I decided to finally try installing kubernetes at home. This is the collection of rants and random thoughts I have about it.

  1. I used k3s - works on 1 host so far, don’t know how much I can scale it? Default settings. I Haven’t tried dual-stack/ipv6 yet. I will soon.
  2. Longhorn as storage. Again, hard to give it meaningful testing with one raspberry pi 4 node. I expect abysmal performance all the way through.
  3. Setting up a private registry for the bootstrap shouldn’t require me to run it in containers. Should I write a self-contained single-binary trivial registry because nobody bothered - it’s either docker-registry, quay, or harbor?
  4. My hello world works but I’m guessing I need to make it docker-aware. At least it needs to manage the local space in mounted volume correctly.